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The Collapsing Pillars of the Rule of Law

As soon as a judge is removed because his decision was not liked, it is in fact the collapse of the pillars of the rule of law. Because this means that authorities have control over the judiciary.

Bivitri Susanti
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Bivitri Susanti

Bivitri Susanti

Fiat justitia ruat caelum: uphold justice even though the sky may fall. This adage is used as the main guideline for law enforcers in their efforts to fight for justice. However, what happens when the sky of law collapses because the pillars have fallen?

The pillars of the law are unstable lately. Look at the incident in which constitutional judge Aswanto was replaced by the House of Representatives (DPR) with Guntur Hamzah, who was previously secretary-general of the Constitutional Court. The replacement was preceded by controversy because the process violated the law. Various protests were filed, including for the President not to sign the presidential decree that legalized the DPR's arrogant actions. However, the President was unmoved. Thus, as stated by the members of the DPR, a judge has been dismissed because his decision was deemed to be against the will of the legislature.