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EnglishLet Menoreh’s Birds Continue to Sing

Let Menoreh’s Birds Continue to Sing

In the midst of the temptation to exploit nature for short-term benefits, Menoreh residents have instead initiated a conservation program so that the balance of the Earth can be maintained.

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Secretary of Jatimulyo Village, Mardiyanta, showed pictures of bird species in the village, Sunday (11/14/2021), at Omah Kopi Sulingan, Jatimulyo Village, Girimulyo District, Kulon Progo Regency, Special Region of Yogyakarta. Jatimulyo Village, located in the Menoreh Mountains area, is known as a bird-friendly village because it has a village regulation that prohibits hunting birds.

UNESCO formally recognized the Menoreh Mountains as a biosphere reserve in October 2020. In fact, the preservation of the ecological wealth there has been going on for a long time. As nature is protected, residents become prosperous.

An orange-bellied flowerpecker, locally known as a cabai bunga-api bird, perched on a tree branch in front of the Omah Kopi Sulingan coffee house in Jatimulyo village, Kulon Progo regency, Yogyakarta, on Sunday afternoon (14/11/2021).

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