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EnglishAppreciation for Papua Province

Appreciation for Papua Province

The province of Papua, has not apparently showed an increase in new Covid-19 cases. The number of daily cases in Papua even decreased drastically in October to an average of 15 cases per day.

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Junior high school students walk while leaving for school in Agats City, Asmat, Papua, Tuesday (12/10/2021). Starting September, students in Agats City returned to school, although the capacity of each classroom was reduced to 50 percent of normal.

The national score of the Covid-19 Control Index (IPC) in the 14th week of assessment increased by 1 point to 77, the highest level since the IPC measurement was first carried out by Kompas Research and Development (Kompas Litbang) 14 weeks ago.

The increase in the Covid-19 handling index was driven by an improvement in the score of the infection management from 36 to 37. The increase in the infection management score was in line with the increasing number of people who have been vaccinated and the decline in daily positive cases.

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