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EnglishDark Side of Public Panic

Dark Side of Public Panic

The dangers of the Covid-19 pandemic are as real as the harmful pragmatism that is being exposed as people hoard drugs, present fake swab test documents, and commit cybercrimes.

Abdullah Fikri Ashri/Tatang Sinaga/Machradin Ritonga
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W (red shirt), an honorary worker at the Sukra Public Health Center, Indramayu, was taken by the police to the Indramayu Police Station, West Java, Sunday (25/7/2021). W is suspected of falsifying an antigen test certificate at a rate of IDR 100,000 - IDR 150,000 per person.

Wearing a red shirt and black shorts, W (45) arrived at the Indramayu Police Criminal Investigation Unit in West Java on Sunday night (25/7/2021). More often than not, he kept his head down and just nodded in response to the questions of the investigator.

Hailing from Sukra, an outlying area of Indramayu, the janitor of the local community health center (puskesmas) suddenly went viral for a negative reason. He faked the certificates of antigen swab test results, the samples for which are normally extracted by inserting a medical swab into the nasal cavity.

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