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EnglishTurbulence of Life

Turbulence of Life

Turbulence comes into being through some kind of disturbance, such as a virus or parasite. And COVID-19 is now that nuisance that is interfering with the lives of the people.

Oleh Yasraf A Piliang
· 1 menit baca

In recent days, the images of the lives of the nation have been very worrying, tense, even frightening.

Almost every time we open Facebook, WhatsApp or Twitter, there are long lines of news about friends, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers or other relatives infected with COVID-19 who have been hospitalized, made to self-isolate, picked up by ambulances or who are dying or have breathed their last breath.

Also, the media has reported on hospitals being overwhelmed with patients, the scarcity of oxygen cylinders, roads being closed and queues at funerals. All these are grim images of the nation as it struggles to survive.

Editor: Nasrullah Nara
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