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EnglishHoaxes Aggravate Human Lives

Hoaxes Aggravate Human Lives

Hoaxes now appear as dangerous as COVID-19 itself. The government and the public need to work hand in hand to prevent the spread of public misconceptions that could otherwise leave us wailing with regret later. 

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The Metro Jaya Regional Police presented the suspects of hoaxes and hate speech related to Covid-19 at a press conference Monday (4/5/2020).

During the pandemic, social media has been flooded with hoaxes linked to the coronavirus. The false claims about SARS-CoV-2 have not only misled people but also contributed to many deaths.Grief still overwhelms the family of Ismawati, 36, a resident of East Jakarta. Early this month, her father-in-law Hasanudin, 63, died after being infected with COVID-19. He had been admitted to hospital for emergency treatment but died a few hours later.

Hasanudin's death raised a concern, not over the slow handling of the hospital but the false information about the coronavirus that, as the family claimed, had made him refuse to take a PCR (polymerase chain reaction) swab test. In fact, Hasanudin had contracted a fever two weeks back, a symptom linked to COVID-19.

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